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The feature film that was made in just

3 months

The Johnson family moves into an old house that has been empty for decades.
Olivia, the eldest daughter, experiences inexplicable things. She tries to convince those around her that there is a darker energy in the house, but no one believes her. She begins to question whether what she sees actually exists, or whether her mind is playing tricks on her.


The previous family living in the house was brutally murdered on Christmas Eve in 1973.
The only survivor was the 19-year-old boy, Marvin Smith.
The killer was never identified, but the boy claimed that the killer was Santa Claus.

Ellie, Olivia's neighbor, gets worried after hearing more about Olivia's experiences and visits Marvin to get more information about the house and is met with a serious warning.


"Christmas Eve is almost here, will Santa be coming back this year?"









Psychiatric doctor 1

Psychiatric doctor 2

Psychiatric nurse 1

Psychiatric nurse 2

Thea Nicole Sloreby

Martine Rigard

Lars Oddvar Fjeldvang

Ingvild Marie Lien

Mathilde Bakke

Morten Krosby-Sæther
Ingar Helge Gimle


Susann Goksør Bjerkrheim

Pål Holden

Siv Sandven Rydning

Siv Farmen


Produced by




Stage design

Costume design


Fight & Stunt Choreography



Lighting master

Visual Effects




Bakke Film

Tobias Bakke & Thea Nicole Sloreby

Tobias Bakke & Thea Nicole Sloreby

Tobias Bakke & Thea Nicole Sloreby

Thea Nicole Sloreby

Thea Nicole Sloreby

Thea Nicole Sloreby

Tobias Bakke & Thea Nicole Sloreby

Tobias Bakke

Tobias Bakke

Tobias Bakke

Marius Bakke

Aleksandar Zavišin

Tobias Bakke

Thea Nicole Sloreby


It all started with one simple conversation on a September day in 2019. 
We talked about not knowing about any Christmas horror movies, at least not as we could remember, and how cool it would have been to combine horror with Christmas spirit and Christmas traditions.

After airing some ideas, we finally sat down to write.

We started writing the script for what would then be a short film, but which ended up being a feature film.  The script was finished the first week of October, and by this time we had already started  with casting of actors. Considering that we wanted the film finished by Christmas, we had a huge time pressure on us. Luckily for us, we found the perfect actors for each role, in addition to the opportunity to film in several locations.  We were so lucky to borrow a large house in Jessheim that was to be demolished in January.  This was perfect for us.
After all, we needed a house where we could rearrange the rooms
  and make some mess.
We spent countless
  hours, days and nights in this house.  

Usually you are a whole team when it comes to producing a feature film, but we were just  two people and we had a low budget, which meant we  had to work day and night to finish the film on time. We had undertaken a project that was both demanding and challenging, but the results we saw along the way only gave us more and more  motivation to keep working.  

After many recording days, sleepless nights, laughter, sweat and tears, it was time to start editing. All the clips were to be put together and create a story that was both exciting, scary, sad and at the same time made the audience smile. After many hours of work, the film was finally finished.  

We held a premiere for actors, family and friends before Christmas, but we are still working towards selling the film. 

Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 kl. 00.49.57.png
Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 kl. 00.47_edited.
Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 kl. 00.48_edited.
Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 kl. 00.46_edited.
Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 kl. 00.38_edited.
Skjermbilde 2022-10-25 kl. 00.47_edited.
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